OFTEN® Women’s Sexy Sleeveless V-Neck Draped Ruched Pure Color Mini Dresses, Black, Medium

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S (US Size: 2): Bust Girth: 84cm/33.1″ Waist Girth: 76cm/29.9″ Hem Girth: 82cm/32.3″ Total Length: 81cm/31.9″

M (US Size: 4): Bust Girth: 88cm/34.6″ Waist Girth: 78cm/30.7″ Hem Girth: 86cm/33.9″ Total Length: 82cm/32.3″

L (US Size: 6): Bust Girth: 92cm/36.2″ Waist Girth: 82cm/32.3″ Hem Girth: 90cm/35.4″ Total Length: 83cm/32.7″

XL (US Size: 8): Bust Girth: 96cm/37.8″ Waist Girth: 86cm/33.9″ Hem Girth: 94cm/37″ Total Length: 84cm/33.1″

XXL (US Size: 10): Bust Girth: 98cm/38.6″ Waist Girth: 88cm/34.6″ Hem Girth: 96cm/37.8″ Total Length: 85cm/33.5″
New Size! Fit the american individuals. No one but OFTEN can give. Kindly don’t not purchase the other vender, their size was too little for american individuals.
Material: Cotton Blends
Event: Casual, for example, prom, meal, party and so on
Sleeveless V-Neck, Above Knee, Mini
Size:S,M,L,XL XXL, Detailed size see Product Description.

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